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Enthusiastic support from Ursula Arens

“Very few people consume enough fibre, but Heart of Nature is packed full of it. In fact, just one slice provides a fifth of the recommended daily intake and a whopping 50% more than is needed to qualify a product as high in fibre! It’s also full of health boosting nutrient-rich seeds and unlike other products which are labelled as ‘healthy’, the Heart of Nature range truly deserves top seed status.”

Ursula Arens is a nutrition writer with a degree in dietetics, monthly columnist for the magazine read by professional dietitians and nutritionists: Network Health Digest magazine (

LOVE it!

Oh, now you are just making sugar free look too easy! LOVE it!

Instagram: Pure_n_free

Thank you for The heart of Nature

I could not be more thankfull for the bread. My kids love it my husband loves it I love it. This product we bought by chance on promotion and it was the best buy we have made for a long time. It is so rare to find bread like this...well I have never before. It seems the bread has been improved lately as well because slicing it is so much easier. We love it toasted with avocado spread. Tried it lately as croutons for a soup and it worked very well as well.

Waitrose: Pati100

A really great find!

Oh I have tried so many different breads, the upshot being I thought I was home and dry with gluten free. No way, my symptoms were worse!And then I happened on this little delight! Yes it is quite heavy and dense, but it is so good for you! I've yet to try it toasted. It has a good date on it and keeps well after slicing. As another reviewer noted, it also keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Just one gripe - it's out of stock! Please get it back in Ocado!

Ocado: Leach23

Amazing, simple ingredients

Discovered your bread recently and seriously loving it! Amazing, simple ingredients list (how it should be!)

My favourite puregrainbread chia seed variation, packed with healthy fats from a variety of seeds, (in turn making it super high in fibre, minerals and source of protein!) So dense and satisfying.

Instagram: Lucyhfrancis

Best bread ever!

Wow. My expectations were blown away by this bread. I love that the seeds have been soaked and are soft when chewing. The taste is also delicious. Some sprouted breads taste disgusting but this is really the best! Highly recommend for health conscious folks.

Ocado: Fruityrawvegan